Starting the Fab Academy 2015 today

Cool! The Fab Academy 2015 is starting today. I am on my way to the Waag in Amsterdam where we will follow the lectures. Psyched!

The FabAcademy is about fablabs and everything you need to know in order to make things yourself in a fablab. That means 3D printing, laser cutting, 3D modelling, building electronics, prototyping etc.

I will report here on my blog about my fablab adventures these coming 5 months while I go through this course. If you have great ideas or tips for me, I’d love to hear from you.

Fab Academy 2015!


Awesome, the next couple of months I will be learning everything I can about 3D printing, lasercutting, building hardwareand prototyping, because I am joining Fab Academy 2015!

Fab Academy is organized by MIT‘s Center for Bits & Atoms where fablabs originally sprouted. In a few months you learn everything you need to make almost everything. How cool is that 🙂

I learned about the Fab Academy at the Waag Society‘s Open Knit workshop in October. ‘Wow, I need to do this!,’ were my immediate thoughts.

Being a value engineer and organiser of innovation events such as #hackathons, I want to shape ideas into prototypes.

Check back here for regular updates about my Fab Academy adventures!

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