A bucketlist is a list of things you want to do / make /experience (at least once in your life). These things come from the heart. Things that enrich your life. Things that make you grow. Make a bucketlist and share is with others. Who know what might happen. This is my list.

  • start a blogĀ  : )
  • make a short film (done. It was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2003 in a program of shorts..yay!)
  • create an animated feature film (I love Spirited Away ..beautiful style and wonderful imagination)
  • own, drive, fix a muscle car (Dodge Charger, Camaro)
  • make an iOS game
  • build a 3D printer (coming months I’ll be working on an Ultimaker!)
  • visit (almost) all continents and at least 100 countries (estimated count so far: 15)
  • learn Japanese
  • walk across Japan
  • learn to kitesurf
  • climb the Alpe d’Huez 6 times this year during #ad6
  • meet 1000 changemakers (in progress…)
  • create an themed attraction for the Efteling
  • write and illustrate a children’s book (in progress…yay!)
  • write a book about creative thinking