My 3 words for 2015

I came across this blogpost by Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan). I’m subscribed to his maillist for a while (can’t remember when or why I signed up).

In this post, Chris shares three words that he decided will define the year 2015 for him. Like lighthouses on his journey. These three words focus, ground and anchor everything he will be doing this year.

It is a very appealing idea to have that kind of focus. It is something that I need too. There is some much stuff I like, love to be doing, would love to learn, would love to experience, go to, make, become, say, create…well, you get the picture.

So for better of worse, here is my shot at my 3 words for 2015:

HEART – I have spent a lot of time chasing things that either drained my energy, or were just not the right thing for me (usually in hindsight). Most of the times, my heart was sending me signals that I was off track. By listening more carefully to my heart and have the courage to take steps towards where it* is sending me (even though often the path might be unclear, uncertain, scary, unknown, strange, unfamiliar…), I will benefit and grow. This is what I will do this year. It means saying no to lots of things or doing them differently. I believe that what my work will benefit from it and I will bring more energy and value to the table.

*note: Feels strange to speak about my heart as an ‘it’, as if it is something impersonal. It’s not, it is my essence. It deserves to be at the center of things.

MAKE – I have been an idea person all my life. I love the flow of creative thought and of unlimited associative thinking. I am a facilitator, I organize creative events (workshops, hackathons, etc). All good, but it is lacking one thing: adding to ideas and bringing my own to life. I am beginning to feel that hurt. It is as if I am telling my own creativity: “You’re nice and all, but I can not put you into the world.” That is bullshit. This year will be about creating things (digital products for one, so joining the Fab Academy is going to help me enormously in that respect, and also art, photography, and perhaps I’ll have a go at making a graphic novel which is a long time dream) and not holding back to share ideas and add value to those of others. To make is also to do, which is to experience which is to learn which is to be. So there.

FOUNDATION – I love trying out new things. That also means I keep jumping from one thing to another all the time. That beginner’s mind is often what enables me to bring a fresh perspective to things and why clients hire me. However, it can also be a trap in the sense that I often will want to start from scratch, from a blank page, which often does not work. This year will be about building upon things that are there already and bringing new things to higher levels.

In short, I am committed to bring my fullest, purest self to my work and deliver creative value with tangible, hands on ideas.